To achieve the perfect shave you need the right tools! With these 3 Easy Steps you can have flawless legs just in time for the summer!

FIRST: Choose A Shaving Lotion

Never shave dry or with water alone! There are many shaving formulas to choose from.  For lather lovers, choose a foam! Foam lotions usually come in aerosol can packaging. If you have sensitive skin choose a gel or cream. Gel or cream lotions contain fewer skin irritants than foams.  If you have dry skin, choose an oil, syrup or serum.  These are moisturizing and colorless! If you run out of shave oil, try olive oil! Massage olive oil into skin to soften hairs before you shower!

SECOND:  Use The Right Razor

When in search for the right razor, look for a razor with at least 3 blades minimum. You’ll need a razor with at least two blades to get a close shave.  The first blade extends the hair, the second blade cuts it,  any additional blades make it less likely that there’ll be any hairs left after shaving!  There are some razors out there with more, if you choose to try them GO FOR IT! 

 THIRDLY: Exfoliate & Apply Sunscreen

Exfoliate using a body wash and a loofah just before you shave! To avoid irritation, wait at least 20 minutes after shaving before applying sunscreen. 

Don’t share your razor with anyone! PERIOD! Avoid spreading skin infections and possible disease from prior skin cuts!  Wait at least 10 minutes into your shower before you begin shaving and for best results shave against the grain! 

Soothe your just-shaven legs an anti-inflammatory, alcohol-free cream or spray that contains natural ingredients such as lavender, sandalwood, or aloe.

 Until Next Time “Shave On!”,


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