Pippa Middleton, now Mrs. Pippa Matthews of Glen Affric, issued a “No Ring, No Bring” policy to her invited guest to her wedding.

This was the first time that I had heard of such a thing.

The theory of now Mrs. Pippa Matthews of Glen Affric’s No Ring, No Bring: If you are not married to or engaged to the person who you planned to bring to her wedding, you couldn’t bring them as a date to her wedding.

After doing some googling about the subject. This is a step that some people use to cut down the expense of their wedding. Could this also be great to provide more sacredness to the event? Everyone there (who would be eye witnesses) would be either single, separated, or divorced, and if you bring someone as a date to the wedding you would have to be married to the person or engaged to be married. In my opinion, you would invite your family, friends, loved ones, bosses, co-workers, etc., to be guests (eye witnesses) to your wedding! If they brought someone along with them it would be to experience the wedding! To enjoy and celebrate!

It could also provide an opportunity for those who are single to meet other potential singles and if the Lord says the same, possible future spouses. It also could encourage and strengthen the stance of “marriage”. 

On the other hand, no pun intended. By not allowing those who are not married and are dating, courting, or just friends to come together as dates or an invited friend, prevents them the opportunity to be exposed to a wedding or marriage ceremony.

Perhaps, by them coming to the wedding, it may spark the desire to marry the person that they brought. Or to be married, period. Or to realize, this is not the person I want to marry. You never know the effect it would have on a person.

It would be accurate to say that it has it pros and cons. How about you? Will you utilize a “No Ring, No Bring” policy at your wedding?

Until Next Time,

Bridget Denise Webb

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