I follow Pieology Pizzeria on Instagram @pieology. I had the opportunity to try their pizza one evening in Royal Oak, MI. I didn’t know that they had a restaurant in Michigan!

The theory behind Pieology is the study of custom pizza! Inspired pizza!

They have an unlimited topping pizza, where you can choose your own toppings and they have pizza choices that have already been given a name.

I had the unlimited pizza. Unlimited toppings are really unlimited!

It’s set up is that of a walk through, where you start with choosing what kind of crust you desire.

My choice: Whole Wheat Crust

The crust is in a ball of dough that is pressed out into a circular shape. No pre-made crust!

From there you choose from Herb butter or olive oil to coat your crust.

My choice: I had both!

Next, you choose your sauce.

My choice: Red Sauce

Next,  your choice of cheese or cheeses.

And then your toppings.

The results was a creation of a custom made pizza that I had the opportunity to create from my choosing!

This picture is of what was left of my custom creation. One half of the pizza!

The crust is thin, if you choose alot of toppings, it’s best to keep that in mind. I used a fork, for etiquette purposes, but it was also purposeful for eating the pizza as a whole, because the crust is thin.

So the next time you’re looking for a great pizza spot look up Pieology or are in Royal Oak, MI stop by Pieology: 323 S. Main St., Royal Oak, MI  48067.

Until Next Time,

Bridget Denise Webb

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