This is not a spin off Taco Bell’s Power Burrito.

I called it this because of the black beans and rice and the other healthy ingredients and how black beans make me feel. Black beans fuel me and give me energy.

Brown Rice
Black Beans
Chopped Mango
Chopped Southern Peaches
Sharp Shredded Cheese
Salsa Con Queso
Roasted Sunflower Seeds with Sea Salt
Rotisserie Chicken
I was going to do a vegetable one and one with chicken. I ended up doing one with everything on it. 🙂




I purchase the ingredients from Aldi’s and Meijer. The Rotisserie Chicken and Shredded Cheese was purchased from Meijer.

If you like shopping at Meijer, coupons, MPerks, deals, etc., I have a group on Facebook, join today! To join, go the the Effortless Beauty Facebook Fan Page, on the left hand side of the page click on Groups.

Until Next Time,

Bridget Denise Webb

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Blessings to you to the God power!


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