In March 2020, I saw people getting their eyebrows threaded in a mall eyebrow thread shop.

Beauty Health 101: Do not get your eyebrows threaded at this time.

Why shouldn’t you get your eyebrows threaded?

Primarily due to the fact that the saliva of the Eyebrow Threader who is threading your eyebrows is used to thread your eyebrows.

What does this mean?

It means that the saliva that is coming from this person is being put on your face, your skin to be exact.

COVID19 is spread via air droplets. Hence, why we are required to cover our nose and mouth with a face cloth mask or a face covering. You don’t know if the person who is threading your eyebrows has COVID19 or has been exposed to COVID19. You don’t know if they are a carrier of COVID19 and they aren’t experiencing symptoms of COVID19.

Further more, how can the eyebrow threader safely wear a mask while standing over you and performing their task? Very close contact is a requirement to have your eyebrows threaded.

Protect yourself and protect others that you come in contact with by not having this procedure done at this time.

There are alternative ways to have your eyebrows done:

  • Professionally done with a razor.
  • Professionally waxed
  • Personal eyebrow razor and brush.
  • Battery Operated Hair Removal

This Eyebrow Set is currently available on Amazon.

This Battery Operated Hair Remover is currently available on Amazon.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

This applies to both women and men. Men have this service done as well. Men use alternative methods to have your eyebrows and beards done. Forgo, the threading process at this time.

Until Next Time, “Use Alternative Methods.”

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