Alot of people reach for coffee ☕ when they are sleepy, need energy, or want to to wake up. Years ago, I use to work third shift at the United States Postal Service. Yes, we were the ones mass preparing the mail for that day to be delivered by the carriers for the city, township, and cities within our processing area. (i.e. running mail processing machines, handsorting mail and packages, expediting rig trucks that were delivering and picking up mail). Mountain Dew and coffee, were beverages that some drank to keep them alert, awoke, up. I asked a former co-worker what they drunk to keep them awake, their response, “water”.

I did a Google search “What to reach for to drink when you are sleepy”. In the results, a snippet of an online article mentioned “water”. It also detailed that “dehydration” makes you sleepy.
Could it be that people have been psyched out and marketed to, to believe that the “energy drink” and “high caffeine product” is what they should reach for and is what gives them energy. When ——–> “water” is where it’s at.

Are you “consistently” drinking “water”?

Here’s how you can track your water intake daily. I created a digital Daily Water Intake Sheet.

Daily Water Intake Sheet

It allows you to track:

Day: Here, you would list the day of the week.

Date: Here, you would note the date of the day.

Goal: This is the goal that you want to accomplish.

Goal Met: Here, you would circle either Yes or No.

Time: This is where you would list the time of day that you drink water.

Water Intake Amount: Here you would list the amount of the water you are drinking or drank.

Glass or Plastic BPA Free: Here you would note whether you drink water from a glass bottle or a plastic BPA Free bottle. Hint: A glass bottle is better for your health.

Amount Less Goal: Here you would enter the amount of the your goal that you did not meet. (For example, if your goal was to drink 64 fl. oz. for the day, and you drunk 34 fl. oz total for the day, then the Amount Less Goal is: 30 fl. oz. This is just for you to see and track your progress and to motivate you to reach for your entire goal. Please note: DO NOT ADD THIS AMOUNT TO THE NEXT DAY. Each day is a new day!

The Daily Water Intake Sheet is available for purchase and instant download here. With this digital download, you can print copies to use daily!

If you are in need of a glass water bottle, check out the HYDROMATE 32 0z Glass Water Bottle with Time Marker and Motivational Quotes to encourage you to drink your water and increase your water intake! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Until Next Time, Drink Water Daily.”

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