Bridget Denise Webb

Yesterday, I exercised by walking to Walmart. Per Google directions, it is a total of 3.7 miles walking to Walmart from where I am temporarily staying. Please note, if the grocery store is very far from where you live or are staying and you have to travel expressways or highways to get to the grocery store, please do not attempt to do this. If you are in safe walking distance of a grocery store, get your exercise in by walking to and back from it.

I ended up going to a total of three stores. The other two stores are in the same area as Walmart and are in walking distance of each other. At the end of my shopping, I had a total of two doubled bagged plastic bags, one in each hand. They were not heavy and added to my workout. I took my multi-vitamin on the way back and I drunk water when I got back and again during the evening.

In estimation, I walked 7.4 miles + (this includes the walking I did to the other two stores as well as the walking I did in the parking lot of one store and the walking I did inside of each store.)

I got my workout in while doing errands (necessary things). Please note, walking is longer than driving, please plan your time accordingly.

Get the Cloth Mask I am wearing here.

Until Next Time, “Walk Safely To The Grocery Store!”


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