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Do You View Healthy Food As A Luxury?

Healthy food is priced higher than most foods available in a grocery store or a restaurant. With healthy food being what all humans should be eating optimally to fuel our bodies and brains are these items viewed as a luxury? When you go into a store do you buy organic? Do purchase granola mixtures and energy bars? What about ingredients to make a smoothie bowl, like acai, dragon fruit, or passion fruit? With the plethora of healthy items available to choose from are these items a luxury?

Healthy Food Caters To A Specific Target Market And Economic Class

Without doubt healthy food caters to and is directed to a specific target market and economic class. Those who are into health and wellness, who are knowledgeable about the benefits of eating healthy, lifestyle, fitness, and those who are wealthy. Those who have the economic purchasing power to purchase healthier food. Some may even opt to grow their own foods (i.e. personal gardens).

Those who do not have knowledge of eating healthy or do not have the economic purchasing power to purchase healthier food tend to eat lower in quality items. Items that are not providing the nutrional benefit that they need to their bodies. There are some foods that provide optimal nutrition or an optimal level of nutrition to the human body. This optimal level of nutrition causes those who eat the healthy foods to perform at a higher or optimal level. They function better, they think better, in terms of their mind being nutritionized, they perform better having energy, stamnia, and etc.,

The question has been posed, please let me know your answer below. Please comment with a with YES or NO.

Until Next Time, “Eat Healthy Foods!”

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