Why Buy Healthy Food?

Healthy food gives our bodies the nutritional value that we need to function daily. It is vital that we eat and that we eat foods that fuel our body and brain instead of the foods that work against the optimium performance we should experience from what we are eating.

You can eat healthy, eat healthy foods, and cook healthy foods that tastes delicious!

What To Buy For Healthy Food?

Shopping for healthy food doesn’t have to be hard when you have have a pre-planned and pre-thought of list of the healthy items that you want to pur!

Here are a few things that we should incorporate in our diets, in our lifestyle, give or take. Some people have allergies and intolerances, if you can’t eat these things because they make you sick, please avoid them..

What should we incorporate into our diets? To name a few:


There is a variety of fruit to choose from. Be as varied as you can or would like and try the different fruits that God created for us to enjoy! I would strongly suggest only eating fruit that has a seed in it. These are natural fruit that has not been genetically made like “seedless grapes” or “seedless watermelons”. The seed is what gives the fruit it’s authenticity and it’s nutritional value. I personally know from shopping for grapes “with seeds” that they are hard to comeby now days. I remember when grapes had “seeds” in them. Big seeds, that you had to spit out so you didn’t choke or swallow them.


Vegetables are a great source of nutrition. Eat as many as you can daily. They will help provide optimum health and you also will feel great. You don’t have to eat them as they are, you can create or make creative healthy vegetable dishes. Like, Spinach & Mushroom Alfredo.

Meat & Seafood

The Meat & Seafood that you choose should be as healthy and fresh as possible. If you can get your meat and seafood, fresh from a butcher, by all means do so! I came across a meat delivery subscription service called, Butcher Box, who sources their meat from partners they trust and offers:

100% Grass Feed & Finished Beef

Heritage Breed Pork

Free-Range Organic Chicken

Wild-Caught Seafood

They will ship your selected choice or custom selected box directly to your door! Click here to find out how their process works!

Please note: I haven’t tried them, however, I am interested in trying them out! They also have a newsletter you can subscribe to on their website.


Diary consists of milk, butter, yogurt, cheese, anything that comes from a cow.

Some dips are also located in the dairy section of the store. Go for the healthiest products. If you can go to an all natural health store, a farmers market, or try block or round cheese that are not processed and manufactured in a 16 pk. You can even purchase cheese in the pack that are separated by paper.


Healthy oils like Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, or Avocado Oil. Not only are these oils great and beneficially for your internal health they also are great and beneficial for your external health. (e.g. skin and hair). Any of these oils can be used internally and externally. They can be used in and on food and in skin products or by themselves directly on the skin or hair. Please note, some people have allergies, if you are allergic to any of the oils listed, please avoid these items, please do not use them.

Herbs & Spices

Grains & Cereals

There is a variety of grains and cereals to choose from. Choose the ones that you have tried and will like to try. Some to try are: Quinoa, Brown Rice, and Oats.

Organize your kitchen and pantry with these sharp, minimalistic, labels.

Designed and sold by yours truly in my online store. They are available individually for $3 as a self adhesive sticker in my online store, Bridget Denise Webb, Digitals, Downloads, &Printables. Please view my online store for all the grains available to choose from. The labels also are available as a digital download PDF. With the PDF, you would have to print it to labels and then stick them on the items in your kitchen or pantry. If you prefer the PDF, please contact me and I will give you the pricing details and on how to order them.

Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks range from fresh fruit to dried fruit. Luna bars to granola bars. If you can make your own granola, that’s even better. Other healthy snack include baked kale chips, veggie chips, veggies with dip, hummus and veggies, etc., Basically snacks that add nutrional value to your diet. Steer away from the heavy caked puffs that are branded and marketed as veggie chips. Try to go for more natural based foods, like a banana with almond butter, hazelnut, dark chocoloate, or peanut butter. Or avocado toast. There’s so much you can do and try.

Use The “Healthy Eats” Shopping List

This is not an all inclusive list, however, it is enough to get started incorporating and maintaining healthy foods into your lifestyle.

Available individually for $3, digital download, you can use it on your digital device or download it and print a copy, everytime you plan to go shopping! Purchase directly from my online store, Bridget Denise Webb Digitals, Downloads, & Printables.

Until Next Time, “Shop For Healthy Eats”

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