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Floral | Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Soft, feminine, floral. Floral Stainless steel water bottle. 20 oz. Silver screw cap. Double walled vacuum sealed to maintain temperature of its contents. Order yours today! 🎯 10% Discount Until July 5th! PROMO CODE: HEATWAVE Purchase here.

Spring Essentials

Get a Cloth Mask or an Accessory Pouch for your Spring Essentials.


When You Purchase A Cloth Mask, You Are Also Giving

Spring, my production partner, donates $1 from every Cloth Mask sale to nonprofit to feed children in need. When you purchase a cloth mask from, Bridget Denise Webb Face Cloth Masks, you also are also giving to children in need. You are helping feed children in need! GIVE . Giving . Philanthropy . Charity . Humanitarian . Humanitarism Until Next Time, “Purchase While Giving.”


Four Ways To Help You With Wearing A Mask

Do you struggle with mask wearing? Here are four ways to help with wearing a mask: 1. Wear a mask that is comfortable. A mask that is soft to touch and breathable. 2. Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth completely and comfortably. A mask where you don’t have to touch it continuously to adjust it while it’s on your face. 3. … Read More Four Ways To Help You With Wearing A Mask


Free Exclusive $10 E-Gift Card Now

Thank you for following Effortless Beauty™. I am giving away free exclusive $10.00 e-Gift Cards to Bridget Denise Webb Face Cloth Masks. Get yours today! Get A Free Exclusive $10.00 e-Gift Card Until Next Time, “Get Yours Today!”



Two items that deliver Christmas essential style as well as show and share your love for Christmas:

Christmas Wreaths Cloth Face Mask

Candy Cane Cloth Face Mask

Black Opaque Tights

 A classic. They are thicker than pantyhose, great for the winter months, and provide a nice classic, professional, polished, put together look with your skirts and dresses. They can be worn with flats, heels, and boots. “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” They are effortless. If you don’t own a pair of classic Black Opaque Tights you can start by clicking … Read More Black Opaque Tights

Classics Don’t Just Purchase Clothing, They Purchase Pieces©

“Classics don’t just purchase clothing, they purchase pieces.” – Bridget Denise Webb Build your wardrobe, don’t just buy. Don’t just purchase. Until Next Time, Bridget Denise Webb Follow below! Sign up with your email to receive blog posts, information, promotions directly to your email inbox!


I’m Accepting Clients!

I’m looking for people who need virtual assistance. Virtual assistance includes but is not limited to: Administrative Tasks Appointment Setting Blog Creation Calendar Management CEO, Director, Executive Support Concierge Services Email Management Data Entry Document Creation Event Planning Internet Research Newsletter Online Shopping Personal Tasks Travel Research & Booking Travel Arrangements Let’s connect! Bridget Denise Webb, Virtual Assistant Email: Facebook Fan Page:  Bridget … Read More I’m Accepting Clients!

Early Days of BridgeKnits™ ©

These are a few scarves that I created in my early days of BridgeKnits™! Each item is 100% handmade. Please check out BridgeKnits™ Photo Blog to view more of my creations! ♥ BridgeKnits™ To contact me regarding BridgeKnits™, email me at Until Next Time, Bridget Denise Webb Follow to receive Effortless Beauty™ posts delivered directly to your email inbox. It’s FREE & … Read More Early Days of BridgeKnits™ ©

“Classy” Campaign

Design: Classy Artwork designed personally by me using Teespring! This is apart of the “Classy” Campaign: Get your purpose design today at  Until Next Time,  Bridget Follow Effortless Beauty™ to receive posts delivered directly to your email inbox! It’s FREE and FRESH Off The Press!

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