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15% Off Your Total Purchase

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Receive Free Cash On Everyday Purchases!

Ibotta is an app that allows you to receive free cash on everyday purchases. It is FREE and it is LEGIT! This is a great way to get money while shopping! You don’t have to do anything more than what you want to do as far as your shopping goes. You can shop at grocery stores, online, for hotels, and more. I personally have used … Read More Receive Free Cash On Everyday Purchases!



I saved $5.48 and had a balance of $0.00 at Kroger. I purchased WORLD PEAS BRAND PEATOS Classic Crunchy Puff Snacks. I had a printed manufacturer’s coupon for a free 3.oz bag up to $2.99. To my surprise, after my purchase, while looking at my receipt at home, while writing this post, I saw where I also saved $0.49 on the Peatos with a … Read More Couponing©


I’m Accepting Clients!

I’m looking for people who need virtual assistance. Virtual assistance includes but is not limited to: Administrative Tasks Appointment Setting Blog Creation Calendar Management CEO, Director, Executive Support Concierge Services Email Management Data Entry Document Creation Event Planning Internet Research Newsletter Online Shopping Personal Tasks Travel Research & Booking Travel Arrangements Let’s connect! Bridget Denise Webb, Virtual Assistant Email: Facebook Fan Page:  Bridget … Read More I’m Accepting Clients!


Free Bagel Everyday For The Rest Of The Year At Panera Bread!©

Panera Bread has a promotion for new members! Just for signing up, you receive a free bagel everyday for the rest of the year. Today is 12/27/2018, the promotion started before this date, if you sign up you will be able to get a free bagel for the rest of the year! You are able to choose from the bagels that they have available. I … Read More Free Bagel Everyday For The Rest Of The Year At Panera Bread!©


Personal Finance Goals©

On Christmas Eve, I ordered my credit report from all three reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, TransUnion Also on my list, is to see what my credit score is. Through Annual Credit Report you can request your credit report from all three credit reporting bureaus, free of charge. Once every 12 months, you have the “right” to get a “free” copy of your credit file … Read More Personal Finance Goals©

Money Goals©

Yesterday, I ordered water instead of buying a milkshake. After ordering, that feeling of wanting a milkshake subsided and joy and rejoicing for being wise with my spending choices arose. #MoneyGoals Until Next Time, Bridget Denise Webb

“Classy Is, Classy Does!”© Until Next Time, Bridget Denise Webb

Money Tip©

The wicked borroweth, and payeth not again: but the righteous sheweth mercy, and giveth. – Psalm 37:21 KJV Until Next Time, Bridget Denise Webb

Today’s Inspirational Verse©

A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things. – Ecclesiastes 10:19 KJV Until Next Time, Bridget Denise Webb

App Flame Friends Program

Disclaimer: The following has been shared and edited from the App Flame App. Hi! I came across an App that gives you money for playing games! Discover games and apps that suit you. You can receive Cash via PayPal, or rewards via Amazon, GooglePlay, and more! It is as simple as it sounds: just open the link, download App Flame for free and start … Read More App Flame Friends Program

Personal Finance – Financial Literacy Challenge

I have an avid interest in Personal Finance and have been and currently am seeking to get my own finances in order. Financial Literacy Month is the month of April. There’s no better time to start learning about personal finance and getting your personal finances in order than now! Let’s hold each other accountable with a challenge! I know accountable is such a touchy … Read More Personal Finance – Financial Literacy Challenge

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