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Beautiful, eco conscious, eco friendly, environmental friendly, green and more. Read more to find out about my stainless steel water bottle!


Private Health And Wellness Facebook Group

I started a Private Health And Wellness Facebook Group and there is some awesome content going on inside of the it! Please join us!


Daily Water Intake Challenge

Do you struggle with getting your daily intake of water? Do you need to drink more water and need a system or support in helping you get your daily intake? Are you sleepy alot? Dehydrated? Are you trying to improve your health? DAILY WATER INTAKE CHALLENGE starts Monday, March 15, 2021! Get your FREE PDF, Daily Water Intake Sheet and please join my Private … Read More Daily Water Intake Challenge


Lighten Your Skin Naturally With Lemons

Lemons, yes lemons will lighten your facial skin!


Beauty Health 101 During COVID19 | Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow Threading

In March 2020, I saw people getting their eyebrows threaded at a mall eyebrow thread shop.



Two items that deliver Christmas essential style as well as show and share your love for Christmas:

Christmas Wreaths Cloth Face Mask

Candy Cane Cloth Face Mask


One Makeup Product That Gives A Natural Or Nude Look

A natural or nude look can be achieved with one makeup product: Concealer.


Mann’s Nourish Bowls

I noticed Mann’s Nourish Bowls in Kroger. It is a warm meal that requires four minutes in the microwave.



I Love Vegetables

I love vegetables. I used to be a Vegetarian and a Pescaterian. I also love to create my own healthy, creative, delicious dishes. Pictured are some ingredients and part of the process of my Mushroom & Spinach Alfredo that I created. I loved eating only vegetables. I have since those times started back eating meat, something that I also love and vegetables pair great … Read More I Love Vegetables


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