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Bella Canvas Men’s Jersey Tee

Bella Canvas Women’s Relaxed

Tee Size: S-XXL

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Virtual Commencement Announcement | Class of 2021

📣 Hear ye, hear ye.


The Healthiest City In The United States Of America | San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA


Located in northern California on a peninsula between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay, San Francisco is a cultural and financial centre in the Western United States and is one of the country’s most cosmopolitian cities. (Britannica.com)

The Statistics

WalletHub compared a list of 182 cities in the U.S. in the areas of Health Care, Food, Fitness, and Green Space to find out what city was the healthiest and what city was the unhealthiest city. San Francisco came in number one out of the list of 182 cities.

Healthiest & Unhealthiest Cities in America, https://wallethub.com/edu/healthiest-cities/31072

Conrad, B. , Lamott, . Kenneth and Hansen, . Gladys Cox (2021, March 25). San Francisco. Encyclopedia Britannica. https://www.britannica.com/place/San-Francisco-California

+ pink anthurium in vase near makeup sponge and cup

Spring Essentials

Get a Cloth Mask or an Accessory Pouch for your Spring Essentials.

Yellow Cloth Mask
Soft Yellow

Two layered cloth masks.

100 % Polyester Exterior

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Pretty And Pink

Pretty And Pink Cloth Mask

Offers full nose and mouth coverage. Single-sided print. Includes two 6 inch elastic ear loops. Decorated using sublimation print method. Non-medical grade.

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Bridget Denise Webb Signature Accessory Pouch

Leopard Pink Cloth Mask & Signature Collection Accessory Pouch

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Affirmation | Declaration | Confession | Statement

I am the head and not the tail; I am above only and not beneath, I hearken to the commandments of the Lord my God, I observe and do them.©

Until Next Time, “Affirm | Declare | Confess | & State!”

Luxury Healthy Food? [Poll]

Photo by Trang Doan on Pexels.com

Do You View Healthy Food As A Luxury?

Healthy food is priced higher than most foods available in a grocery store or a restaurant. With healthy food being what all humans should be eating optimally to fuel our bodies and brains are these items viewed as a luxury? When you go into a store do you buy organic? Do purchase granola mixtures and energy bars? What about ingredients to make a smoothie bowl, like acai, dragon fruit, or passion fruit? With the plethora of healthy items available to choose from are these items a luxury?

Healthy Food Caters To A Specific Target Market And Economic Class

Without doubt healthy food caters to and is directed to a specific target market and economic class. Those who are into health and wellness, who are knowledgeable about the benefits of eating healthy, lifestyle, fitness, and those who are wealthy. Those who have the economic purchasing power to purchase healthier food. Some may even opt to grow their own foods (i.e. personal gardens).

Those who do not have knowledge of eating healthy or do not have the economic purchasing power to purchase healthier food tend to eat lower in quality items. Items that are not providing the nutrional benefit that they need to their bodies. There are some foods that provide optimal nutrition or an optimal level of nutrition to the human body. This optimal level of nutrition causes those who eat the healthy foods to perform at a higher or optimal level. They function better, they think better, in terms of their mind being nutritionized, they perform better having energy, stamnia, and etc.,

The question has been posed, please let me know your answer below. Please comment with a with YES or NO.

Until Next Time, “Eat Healthy Foods!”

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Chin Hair

What is it?

Why is it showing up “on” and “under” some female chins?

How to manage it.

In researching more information regarding chin hair, I became informed via an online article by healthline that “everyone” has hair on their face. It is called Vellus Hair or Peach Fuzz. It is light colored hair that regulates our body temperature. This should help ease all my female comrades.

Chin hair can be Cosmetic or a Medical Condition. Cosmetic in the sense that it is hormonal and not the result of a serious medical condition and can be managed with tender love and care of yourself via grooming and beauty measures. If you are currently experiencing chin hair, let’s hope and pray that it is purely cosmetic. As a Medical Condition, something serious is going on in your body that is producing the growth of hair on your face and or body.

Chin hair started appearing on my chin during my adult years. I never had it during grade school, middle school, high school, or some of my “early” college years. From first hand knowledge and experience, chin hair can appear in your adult years after puberty. Terminal Hair, “long, coarse, stiff in nature or stiff in touch, dark hair” can show up on your chin in your post puberty adult years. During a time of not having the tools necessary to manage the hair on my chin, the chin hair grew more in number. It has always been dark.

While it is quite normal for women or females to experience hair growing on their chin it is also recommended that you see a medical professional to find out why it is growing on your chin. For females there are medical conditions that could be the source of why the hair is growing on your chin.

Ways I Personally Have Managed Chin Hair

Nair – I didn’t care for this method. It didn’t work for me. This can be found at major grocery stores. This is where I purchased it. This method is suppose to give you more time between the hair growing back in.

Waxing – This hurts. But it is efficient. This is not a permanent solution. The hair does grow back in.

Women Shavers – My current method. This provides me the best results. It takes the hair off and my skin is smooth. It’s cost efficient. I can do it myself when providing maintenance to my face.

Equate™ The Essential 2 Blade Disposable Shavers

Pictured above are Walmart brand Equate™ The Essential 2 Blade Disposable Shavers. They were $0.97 for 5 Disposable Razors. Please note, with this method, you will have to continue shaving your chin to remove the hair. It doesn’t stop it from growing back in.

Available Methods To Remove Chin Hair


I don’t recommend this. It can leave your skin bumpy with ingrown hairs.




Laser Removal


Creams Or Lotions

Nair is one of them. I personally didn’t care for this method. However, it may work great for you.


With all of these methods please consider the cost and the result that you want. If you are anything like me, I wanted it to be removed permanently. I didn’t want it growing back in. However, that process is more in cost and there is a greater risk of the scarring of your skin than some of the other ways listed.

As a female, I absolutely hate chin hair. Facial hair is commonly associated with men and as a female we don’t like hair on our face like that. We like for our face to be clean, smooth, beautiful and glowing. However, chin hair, is something that many of us have encountered and have to deal with. Thank God it’s only chin hair, it could be worse. If you agree, like this blog post and share it with your female comrades today! Sharing is caring.

Until Next Time, “Chin Up!”

Bridget Denise Webb


If You Want Friends, Do This

A man that hath friends must show himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. – Proverbs 18:24 KJV

Until Next Time, “Show Yourself Friendly!”

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Don’t Bear False Witness

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour. – Exodus 20:16 KJV

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Seven Day Meal Planner

Plan your meals daily with this motivating and functional Meal Planner.

Each Meal Planner Sheet has a day of the week listed, SUNDAY – SATURDAY.


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Seven Day Meal Planner

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