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Classy Silhouette T-Shirt

Custom designed by yours truly! The front of the T-Shirt has a classy silhouette of a lady in a what looks like a dress that was worn in the South back in the day! Her arms on her hips and her head tilted downward and to the side, as if she is looking down towards the floor! The back of the shirt has the word … Read More Classy Silhouette T-Shirt

Aren’t Footless Tights The Same As Leggings?©

I went shopping this week for pantyhose and came across a variety of hosiery including fashion over the knee socks. One item in particular that I saw were packages of Footless Tights. Which sparked the question of comparison to their likeness to leggings,  “Aren’t Footless Tights the same as Leggings?”  There were even some lined with fleece. There really is no difference and from … Read More Aren’t Footless Tights The Same As Leggings?©

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