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Video: Healthy Items in The Manager’s Special Section at Kroger

I came across this video in one of my old cell phones. I made this video 02/17/2016, please excuse me, I said “02/19/2016” in the video. This video is about healthy food items that I found at Kroger in the Manager’s Special Section! I need to start back eating like this again! 💓 Until Next Time, Bridget Denise Webb

Nectarine & Mushroom Salad©

This is a salad that I created and made in August 2012! Enjoy! ❤ Sautéed Portabella Mushrooms, Red Onions, Green Peppers in EVOO, placed on top of Organic Half Spring/Half Baby Spinach Salad Mix with Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Colby Cheese, and Nectarines! Ingredients: Portabella Mushrooms Red Onion Green Pepper Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic Half Spring-Half Baby Spinach Salad Mix Cucumbers Tomatoes Finely Shredded Colby … Read More Nectarine & Mushroom Salad©

Today’s Inspirational Health/Fitness Tip/Quote!!!©

“Eating better does cost more money sometimes, but can you really put a price on health?” – Fitness & Nutrition Until Next Time, Bridget Sign up to receive EffortlessBeauty™ posts delivered  to your email inbox. It’s FREE & FRESH Off The Press!!! 🙂

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