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Personal Finance Tip©

If you use cash make sure you get a receipt! – BDW© #RecordKeeping #PersonalFinanceTip Until Next Time, Bridget The initials BDW stands for Ms. Bridget D. Webb. Please use the entire name when quoting or using in a resource. Thank you! FOLLOW EffortlessBeauty™ to receive posts delivered directly to your email inbox. It’s FREE & FRESH Off The Press.

Another Reason Why It Pays To Keep Your Receipt©

As an avid receipt taker, not only do receipts help you keep track of purchases, how much you spent, where you bought it from, proof of purchases, and make exchanges and returns possible, some of them also come with great rewards, deals, savings, and benefits from the merchant. A great example, the following receipt from Culver’s in Grand Blanc, MI: Just for taking a … Read More Another Reason Why It Pays To Keep Your Receipt©

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